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Speeding up your healing process with innovative methods

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a non-invasive treatment procedure that makes use of the patient’s blood cells to accelerate healing and reduce pain in various target areas. The concentrated solution of blood cells is injected into the said target areas, and within weeks, individuals may see improved results on their injury.

How Does It Work?

Naturally, the body’s response to injury is to distribute blood platelets to the tissues that have been damaged. Over time, with enough platelets, the healing process takes place. Similarly, PRP’s purpose is to inject platelets into injured body parts, except it utilizes a much higher dose of platelets to speed up healing. After drawing blood from the individual, the liquid’s components are then separated in a machine called a centrifuge, and the plasma-rich platelets are then injected back into the person.

Is It Safe?

Yes, PRP is a non-invasive procedure with low risk for side effects and minimal downtime, making it the perfect choice for everyone.

Our Take

At our center, we do what we can to ensure the fast recovery of our clients, and with our PRP services, we can readily give them the level of recuperation they want from chronic and complex diseases and injuries. Our experts will be administering the treatment so all our clients can be guaranteed quality care and professional support.


  • 1 session is $650
  • 3 sessions $1950

For maximum results, free treatment is recommended.

For more information, kindly download the brochure developed by Plymouth Medical here.